OS Update for Nord Stage 3

New features, improvements and bugfixes!


The new Nord Stage 3 OS v1.12 features include added Output Routing and Dual KB options, improved List view for browsing Synth Presets, Programs and Pianos and the possibility to assign a category when storing programs. 

Other Improvements include shorter boot time and the Level knobs for each section now offer more detailed control of the volume when turned slowly. The OS Update also fixes a number of bugs related to MIDI, Extern Section and booting with certain types of sustain pedals connected.

Download the Nord Stage 3 OS v1.12 here. See Update History for full details on what's new.

EDIT: Updated to version OS v1.14 fixing some issues introduced with OS v1.12.

We strongly recommend all Stage 3 owners to update to the latest OS version! 

Layers and Digital Grands

New category and sounds in the Nord Piano Library


We have just added a new Layer category to the Nord Piano Library. The Layer category contains expressive, multi-sampled layered combinations of classic synths and pianos reminiscent of the 80's and 90's. 

Additionally, we have also added 2 new vintage Digital Grand pianos, DigiGrand 1 and 2 to our Digital Piano category. 

All these sounds were introduced with the Nord Stage 3 factory bank, and are now available for instruments compatible with the Nord Piano Library.


Amber Upright

Warm, soulful and clear addition to the Nord Piano Library


Our latest addition to the Nord Piano Library is a magnificent large sized Upright of German descent. The Amber Upright is warm, soulful and clear and is more reminiscent of a small grand piano due to its size.

Check out sounddemos below and download the Amber Upright here.


Nord Stage 3 official demo

Walkthrough of the new features and sounds!


Check out Swedish keyboardist Joel Lyssarides demonstrating our new flagship instrument, the Nord Stage 3.

Read all about the new Nord Stage 3 here.

And the winner of the Nord Live Session Contest 2017 is…


...the Uruguayan Trio Cimarrón performing “Candombe del Pinar” featuring keyboardists Manuel Contrera and Hernán Peyrou. Congratulations with winning a Nord Electro 5D 61!

“Trio Cimarrón delivers an interesting mix of keyboards and percussion in combination with stunning musicianship and energy!” – Nord Keyboards Jury

Shared 2nd place and winners of Nord Merchandise are: Paolo Sessa (Italy), Andy Pidcock (UK), MAÅSS (France) and Christian Keymer (Germany). 
Thanks to all participants for your contributions! We have received several hundred videos and we will share some of our favorites later on.